Lee Bul

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only

New works made especially for this show
The exhibition subtitle, “From Me, Belongs to You Only,” is a message to society in general but it also demonstrates Lee’s stance of emphasizing the personal relations and emotions of individuals, which tend to be overrun by the waves of political and social change. The phrase is rich with the suggestion that we should always be conscious of the relationship between the whole and the individual. We can observe same attitude in a new work made especially for this show, which will be exhibited at the end of the exhibition.

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A dark little twist on the inner life of hunting trophies

With a name that smacks of an Old West movie, check out Brooke Weston’s strange twist on the inner world of trophy mounts. The Oregon-based artist works with recycled taxidermy and other found materials to create miniature dioramas in the heads hunting tropies.  On her website, she writes that she gathers inspiration from fairy tales, and you can tell.  For all the supposed sweetness of a cosy miniature abode, the little worlds have a darkly creepy aura.  Who lives here?

Check out Weston’s website here: http://artbybrookeweston.com/index.html


Brook_Weston Brook_Weston-deer Brook_Weston-deer2 Brook_Weston-goat Brook_Weston-goat2

Astonishing Animal Sculptures By Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker

The artistic partnership of Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker, who collectively are better known as Idiots, present us with a unique body of work, characterized by the use of animal material exquisitely sculpted into natural positions and combined seamlessly with rich materials such as embroidery and pearls.
A contemporary touch is given to the classical memento mori concept, questioning the world’s current trend in over glorification through marketing. In a constantly twisting play between fantasy and reality, Idiots tell us about important themes such as life, death, beauty and restriction.
The striking beauty and the vividness of the animals that figure in the works, conjure powerful emotions of awe and inspiration before giving way to our morbid curiosity surrounding death, which leads us ultimately to think of our own mortality. This contrast between beauty, luxury and greed coupled with the mystery of death, timelessly preserved, transports one into a transient state of mind, in which anything is possible.(via: idiots.nl)
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Roadkill Couture – A Collection That PETA Can Sign Off On

Suggestively entitled ”Roadkill Couture”, the collection imagined by artist/designer Jess Eaton, celebrates the beauty of fauna and its long-lasting love affair with the fashion industry, promising eternal life to elements which otherwise would g to waste. The dark, dramatic pieces, include cat fur, raven or swan feathers and seagull wings, all coming from animals that were accidentally killed or that have died from natural causes.


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Polly Morgan

A love of animals and a desire to preserve them led Polly to learn the skills of taxidermy, and she’s been creating eerily beautiful still lives everysince. Instead of placing her creations in their natural habitats Polly juxtaposes them with unusual and unexpected surroundings, playing with scale and perception to force viewers to see the animals as if for the first time.

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Daniel Del Nero

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A series of architectural scale models constructed with black paper and covered with flour and a layer of mould to create the effect of old abandoned buildings.
My purpose is to talk about the sense of time and destiny of the planet after the human species, through the sense of restlessness which abandoned buildings are able to communicate.” Daniel Del Nero

Alex Randall

130412164132-taxidermy-comanche-horizontal-gallery alex-randall-2 alex-randall-3 alex-randall-5 large-antler-whiteback1-thumb-1240x1770-23563 pigeons1 randall2-thumb-645x663-23571 randall3-thumb-645x663-23573 randall4-thumb-1240x1858-23572 signature“Perhaps a subtle reference to the prominence of rodents in London (supposedly you’re never further than three feet from the creatures), the Rat Swarm lamp is a thing of dark pleasure. The On a Thread chandelier (pictured here, with its dangling, rusty saw blades, continues the macabre theme. Made from a couple of wooden legs—the light shines out from within its hollows— Patience, like all Randall’s work, dislocates her subject matter context.

Where past seasons have seen many designers referencing the antler as a motif, most choose to beautify the object—removing the Antler from the action of death. Unsurprisingly, Randall moves the opposite way, hanging hers from a series of meaty hooks for an effect that’s still beautiful but more sympathetic to the lineage of item.”  taken from Richard prime-  via coolhunting.com :)


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