the art of henry lewis

I wanted to share this artist with everyone as he is so talented not just as a painter but also as a tattoo artist and works in one of the best studios in the business! love him so much!!!

The artwork of Angelique Houtkamp

Also when we were on our trip across Melbourne we found a gallery that had a lot of work by dutch artist angelique houtkamp , love her work so sweet! And im a big fan of this style of tattooing so was so happy when I walked into this gallery! The gallery was also filled with work of every lowbrow artist i love it was the most amazing place! If i find the name I will post it!!!!

Artwork of Dominique Fung

When myself and my boyfriend Mikey were doing a charity cycle in Australia I got a chance to visit the contemporary gallery of art and design in Sydney, where in a book shop I discovered and bought an amazing portfolio book by an artist called James Jean, he is amazing!!! Recently I came across this girl on deviant art who paints the very same and learned that she got an internship with him! lucky girl!! Anyway her works are fantastic in their own right so I really wanted to share her style!

Tattooed ladys by Cate Rangel

Im currently obsessed with drawing illustrations of tattooed ladies, have a few days off sick so was doing a lot of sketches that im hoping i can use for tshirt designs, and now I’m lucky enough to have a space for painting :) I got the spare room in the house for my studio! the hallways, stairs and other rooms maybe be filled up with all the extra shit but i have a painting room at last! and i needed it a lot more then mikey needed a ‘games room’ im glad he saw sense in the end!